I’d like to let everyone know just how fantastic Alexander was in making this video for me. How he can exactly produce what I was looking for is uncanny. Far beyond my expectations.

If you are looking to have videos made you need look no further than Alexander at VideoDavos.ch


Wir sind begeistert von unseren drei ersten Rezeptvideos, die Alexander für uns produziert hat. Begeistert von der Qualität, begeistert aber auch von der stets freundlichen und umgänglichen Art von Alexander. Man merkt schnell, dass hier ein echter Profi am Werk ist, der seine Arbeit mit viel Herzblut und Können verrichtet. Gerne werden wir mit VideoDavos und Alexander weitere Projekte realisieren.

Peter Kuratle, Herausgeber und Verlagsleiter

B.Academy | Crypto Mountain Event

I organized the first Crypto Mountain event in Davos with participants from all over the world. Video Davos did a fantastic job recording and editing talk battles from our speakers. Tone and light as well as editing of intro and outro were extremely well done. Great Job!

Reto Gadient


We have worked together in several occasions where Alexander realised video projects for our educational events, taking care of both the storyboard, the video recording, editing and broadcasting.
He always provided high quality products which were appreciated during live and in post productions.
We really appreciated his capacities for organization and anticipating clients’ needs.

Materia Prima srl